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ITFF Events

International Thai Film Festival a.k.a. ITFF is a prestigious international film event that showcases the best films from around the world. The event of ITFF (held annually in the middle of September, every year, in Bangkok, Thailand) brings together film and entertainment industry professionals and film enthusiasts alike, celebrating and awarding the very best productions and artists (ITFF Film and Entertainment Industry Awards). The Festival provides a memorable and unique experience for all visitors, and all attendees can gain from it and grow personally and/or business wise. ITFF presents industry insiders, knowledge and a colorful experience for everyone. Please select a Festival (edition) to view details.

ITFF 2021 Signage.jpg

Year: 2021

ITFF 2020 Poster.jpg

Year: 2020

ITFF2019 Digital Signage.jpg

Year: 2019

film festival bangkok thailand 2018 internatonal thai film festival ITFF

Year: 2018

Please select a Festival (edition) to view event details, films, videos and photos.

Explore this site to see all the selected films, and to know more about ITFF and about us.

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