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ITFF 2022 Production Submission Deadlines:
Early Submission Deadline: 31.03.2022.
Reg. Submission Deadline: 14.06.2022.
Late Submission Deadline: 05.07.2022.
Final Submission Deadline: 31.07.2022.
[Scheduled ITFF 2022 Event Dates: 15-19.09.2022.]

International Thai Film Festival 2022 (ITFF2022) - Online Film Event: 15-19 Sept. 2022
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ITFF 2022
Film Screenings
Previews & Reviews
 2022 Awards
Join in and watch
the best productions
from around the world!

International Thai Film Festival 2022 (ITFF2022) will be held online (15-19.09.2022) due to the still active Emergency Act (that heavily restricts large indoor cinema events and gatherings). Watch the best films from around the world! This event is FREE of charge! ITFF2022 presents exceptional film productions that are unique, daring and displays excellence in storytelling. The event screens the finest selection of beautiful and meaningful film productions from around the world. To see the selected films for ITFF2022 (Official Selection ITFF2022)click here. The program of this event is mature audience oriented and not suitable for children! The language of the event is English, all films presented are in English or has English subtitles. To access this event, register on Eventbrite, here.

This event is FREE!
Film Screenings starts at 6PM (UTC+7) each day: 15-19.09.2022             Showing the best films from around the world.
International Thai Film Festival 2022 - Watch the best films from around the world!
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To access this event, register on Eventbrite:

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View the last year's film event of International Thai Film Festival (ITFF 2021):
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Film Screenings
Directors' Talk
Film Previews
ITFF Awards

International Thai Film Festival 2021 (ITFF 2021) was being held this year in the form of a virtual event due to the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. ITFF 2021 took place online on the 17th-21st of September 2021. During the 5 days long online event, ITFF 2021 has showcased a wide variety of inspirational and meaningful short films, animated shorts, feature films and music videos from around the world. Also, film industry professionals from USA, China, India, France, Sweden and Thailand have shared their views and visions with the audience. The online film screenings has attracted a large number of viewers. The virtual event concluded with the ITFF 2021 Film & Entertainment Industry Awards ceremony. To know more about the event of ITFF 2021, please click here.

International Thai Film Festival (ITFF) - live cinema gala events & film awards:
International Thai Film Festival
> Film Screenings
> Pro. Panel Talks
> ITFF Awards
> Networking
> Market
> Expo
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ITFF Events are an international film screening event and film entertainment industry expo that signifies knowledge, creativity and quality entertainment. Alongside screenings of a wide variety of exceptional films from around the world, there are panel talks, networking opportunities, a market to allow everyone to get an insight and build their knowledge of the industry, make connections, share the passion for film and filmmaking, and last but not least; the prestigious ITFF Awards. ITFF brings together film, animation and entertainment industry professionals from around the world, celebrating and awarding the very best productions and artists, from emerging talents to seasoned professionals in our industry. ITFF Events presents industry insiders, knowledge and offers business opportunities and a very pleasant experience for everyone. ITFF is for filmmakers, entertainment industry professionals, content creators, artists, film students and movie enthusiasts alike. The event of International Thai Film Festival is held annually, every year in the middle of September, in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. To know more about ITFF and about us, click here.

International Thai Film Festival เทศกาลภาพยนตร์นานาชาติแห่งประเทศไทย

Click here to browse and view All Events (past festivals and upcoming ITFF Events): 

International Thai Film Festival เทศกาลภาพยนตร์นานาชาติแห่งประเทศไทย

International Thai Film Festival is an IMDb recognized event, and registered international film festival of Thailand.

International Thai Film Festival เทศกาลภาพยนตร์นานาชาติแห่งประเทศไทย
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