About ITFF

International Thai Film Festival a.k.a. ITFF brings together film, animation and entertainment industry professionals from around the world, celebrating and awarding the very best productions and artists, from emerging talents to seasoned professionals. While contributing to the industry by providing an annual film screening and networking event. ITFF presents industry insiders, knowledge and a colorful experience for everyone!

International Thai Film Festival เทศกาลภาพยนตร์นานาชาติแห่งประเทศไทย
Movie Awards - Thai Film Awards - International Thai Film Festival - ITFF - เทศกาลภาพยนตร์นานาชาติแห่งประเทศไทย
Siam Entertainment Group Bangkok Thailand
International Thai Film Festival

International Thai Film Festival a.k.a. ITFF is an internationally recognized film industry event and registered international film festival of Thailand that holds its film screening and networking event in the beautiful and vibrant city of Bangkok annually. ITFF is for filmmakers, film and entertainment industry professionals, content creators, artists, film students and movie enthusiasts alike. ITFF aims to build a bridge between independent filmmakers and the public. The official languages of ITFF are English and Thai.  ITFF is showcasing and awarding (Film and Entertainment Industry Awards) the very best of Thai and International productions and artists. Filmmakers can submit their works from anywhere in the world to compete for awards and prizes in the following main categories: Short Film, Animation, Feature Film and Music Video. At the event of ITFF, in addition to screenings of a wide variety of amazing films, there are panel talks, networking opportunities and a market to allow everyone to get an insight and build their knowledge of the industry and make connections, and last but not least; share the passion for film and filmmaking. ITFF aims to be one of the most significant film festivals of Thailand and in the region of Southeast Asia.

Film & Video Competition

ITFF Competition is a film, animation and video competition for industry professionals and amateurs alike, who are passionate about filmmaking and wish to screen their work and compete for ITFF Awards to gain a wider recognition and reputation in the industry. Entrants have a chance to win a trophy and prizes at the event of ITFF. The selection of productions is executed by the ITFF Judging Board that includes established Thai film and entertainment industry professionals and foreign guest judges from major studios overseas. With their extensive industry experience and knowledge, each project submitted to ITFF Competition is viewed and studied closely, awarding creativity and the execution of their story regardless of the budget of their production. Submit your work and take us on a journey that surprises us, shocks us, melts our hearts, makes us laugh or simply entertains us.

The Event

ITFF events are organized by Siam Entertainment Group (S.E.G.). ITFF event is a film screening event and film entertainment industry expo. Alongside screenings of a wide variety of exceptional films from around the world, there are panel talks, networking opportunities, a market and the prestigious ITFF Awards ceremony. ITFF brings together Thai and International film, animation and entertainment industry professionals, celebrating and awarding the very best productions and artists, from emerging talents to seasoned professionals. The event of ITFF presents industry insiders, knowledge and offers business opportunities and a very pleasant experience for everyone. The event of International Thai Film Festival is held annually, every year in the middle of September,  in the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand. To know more details on ITFF events, please click here.

Siam Entertainment Group

The International Thai Film Festival (ITFF) and its Film and Video Competition are organized by Siam Entertainment Group Co., Ltd. (also known as S.E.G.). S.E.G. is a Bangkok based Thai company that aims to support the Thai film and entertainment industry, local independent filmmakers and content creators and artists. With the widest international entertainment industry reach in the region, S.E.G. provides its extensive industry knowledge and connections to ensure ITFF will be one of the most significant film industry event in the region. ITFF is an event not to be missed by local and foreign filmmakers, industry professionals and movie enthusiasts.

About Us – Our Leaders (ITFF Team) 

In addition to the leadership team, we have a team of dedicated professionals and partners working hard to ensure that the event and the competition of International Thai Film Festival (ITFF) signifies knowledge, creativity and quality entertainment. Get to know our leaders at ITFF: 

Attila Peter Miklosy
Thunchanok Kosongnern
Festival Director / President of S.E.G.

Thunchanok Kosoongnern has been a huge fan of Thai films, movies and entertainment since she was a very young girl in her home town of Udon Thani. When she moved to Bangkok she became a big fan of Thai Art films and would see all the latest releases. Ms. Thunchanok understands the local culture and is also aware of the cultural power of movies around the world. It is her hope that Thai people, both living in Thailand and Thai’s living abroad will take part in this great festival. Ms. Thunchanok has a strong passion for comedy and drama in production genres. She also brings her experience working in other businesses to ensure the festival is an ongoing success for many years to come.

logo of International Thai Film Festival
Siam Entertaiment Group
Attila Peter Miklosy
Director of International Projects / Director at S.E.G.

Attila Miklosy is an accomplished film industry professional; producer, director, writer and designer. He is a creative storyteller with a versatile skill set, up-to date theoretical knowledge and over 17 years of extensive work experience in different areas of production. He has worked on several animated productions, such as; Mr. Bean cartoon series, La Reine Soleil and The Princess and the Pea feature films. Furthermore, he has worked on, designed, directed and produced abundant TV commercials and animations for brands, such as; McDonald's, Pepsi, Red Bull, Nickelodeon UK, Sydney Opera House and ASEAN Steel China. He has gained a wide range of production and business experience by working on various productions and managing teams internationally. 

Athiphat Kaewwong
Head of Administration

Athiphat Kaewwong lives and works in Bangkok and is bringing valuable administrative skills and extensive experience to assist with the smooth running of the festival. Athiphat is a consistent and reliable member of any team he is a part of. In his spare time he loves to watch great movies and is excited to be a part of the ITFF Team. His favorite Thai films include; Bang Rajan, The Bodyguard and Tropical Malady.

Parichart Pinit
Client Liaison and Operations Specialist

Parichart brings a strong business solutions mindset to the team. With an extensive work experience in developing software solutions, she also has no trouble switching gears to consult with clients. Parichart is a team player, and excels in leading or being a key part of a team. She does her best work in multicultural working environments where her commitment to high quality work is paramount. Her favorite Thai films include; Pee Mak, Teacher’s Diary and Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story.

Nicholas J. W. Johnson
Festival Coordinator

Nicholas Johnson has written plays and made short films for competitions and for fun all his adult life. He loves Thai culture and frequently travels to Thailand to visit friends and be immersed in the culture. He also loves Thai movies and his favorite films are Ong Bak and Shutter. Nicholas is also passionate about music and had his own band in Australia for a number of years. He is excited by the magic of film festivals where people come together and share great films they created. He is an excellent project manager and coordinator; with additional experience in sales and marketing.

Technical Advisor

Maru was born in Seoul, Korea and raised in multinational backgrounds, mainly in USA and Japan. He coordinated various film productions in Japan and also worked on advertisements for Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Maru also worked on several documentaries for Q Channel in Korea. Moreover, he acted as an adviser and head communicator for various international film festivals and worked as an editor for Lonely Planet. Now in Thailand, with his versatile work experience and deep technical knowledge, Maru is adding a great value of experience and a diverse skill set to our team.

Here, we would like to mention with honor our Special Guests/ Supporters of ITFF Team, respected and valued individuals, who share the same vision and are showing an enormous support and help in making the International Thai Film Festival great!

 Saksiri Koshpasharin
Saksiri Koshpasharin 

Saksiri Koshpasharin is a Bangkok based film industry professional with a heart and skill-set for animation production development. He is the founder and executive officer of Imagimax, a leading animation and design studio in Bangkok. Imagimax is a true pioneer in the rapidly evolving computer-generated imagery (CGI) industry in Thailand, and also a production company behind many anime and other Asian style cartoons. Aside from developing, producing and executing various animated and film productions, like Realms and The Pumpkin of Nyefar, Saksiri got himself into the games industry, developing and producing a wide range of application games. Furthermore, Mr. Koshpasharin’s extensive production and business experience in the Thai Film industry extends way beyond that, his knowledge, passion and dedication is well-known by the wider Asian market and world-wide. His current original feature film developments; Swordsman, Jungles Tales and One Nite in Bangkok.

Wentian Jin

Wentian Jin was born in Changchun, China and she comes from a financial planning background. However, it's her rich knowledge of the Chinese culture and art that is her true passion. She is currently living abroad and has deepened her knowledge of art across cultures in both modern and traditional forms. Her passion for art has also seen her become the driving force behind various successful exhibitions around the world. Wentian is eager to see films with an artistic touch, in both the execution of technique, and how the artistic style is implemented into unique films.


Tipayarn was born in Bangkok, Thailand and graduated of Kasetsart University. He is a recognizable TV personality and TV program host. With his vibrant spirit, compassionate character and charming looks, Tipayarn captivates and entertains his audience through the various forms of media he appears in. He regularly appears on various TV shows and hosts a program on True Visions’ TrueTV ThaiThai Channel.

Collaborators and Supporters of ITFF

      GearHead       BKK Film School           Imagimax                                SHOW DC                        Thai Airways                      The Wall Street Journal                       Mik-Ent          OVM     TheStudioPark          STA          Embassy of Hungary

With a collaboration proposal / become a sponsor or supporter of ITFF / advertising and exhibiting opportunities at ITFF / and with other business related inquiries, feel free to contact us. We are welcoming you, and looking forward to collaborating with you! To know more, please click here.

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