International Thai Film Festival - ITFF 2019

International Thai Film Festival (ITFF) will take place this year on the 14th & 15th of September 2019 at the amazing SHOW DC (Ultra Arena) in the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand. ITFF showcases what the world of cinema can truly offer, screening exceptional Thai productions and the colorful repertoire of the best foreign films from around the world. Film screenings are open for everyone who likes to watch beautiful and meaningful movies, eat, drink and have a great time! ITFF brings together Thai and International film, animation and entertainment industry professionals, celebrating and awarding the very best productions and artists in our industry, from emerging talents to seasoned professionals. ITFF2019 is an event not to be missed by filmmakers, industry professionals and movie enthusiasts. The event of ITFF presents industry insiders, business opportunities and a very pleasant experience for everyone!

International Thai Film Festival 2019 Bangkok Thailand Film Awards
SHOW DC Bangkok Thailand


99/6-9 Chaturathit Rd, Bang Kapi Sub-District,

Huai Khwang District, 10310 Bangkok, Thailand

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Date & Time

Date: 14th  & 15th of September 2019

Time: 2pm - 10pm (Bangkok time)

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Thai Film Awards Film Festival Bangkok Thailand
14-15 September 2019, Ultra Arena @ SHOW DC Bangkok
FREE SHOW DC shuttle bus service operates from Phetchaburi MRT station in every 30 mins.
About the Program of ITFF 2019

Alongside screenings of a wide variety of films, accomplished film and entertainment industry professionals share their knowledge and work experience with the audience during the Panel Talks session. In addition to that, further recognizable artists, filmmakers and celebrities will be joining the event. The event of ITFF is an opportunity to connect, network and build your business connections. The Festival concludes with an Award Ceremony; celebrating and awarding the very best productions and artists in various categories. The program (both days: on the 14th & 15th of Sept.) starts at 2pm and finishes at 10pm (with breaks between sessions). The language of the event is English, all the films screened at the event are in English and/or have English subtitles. The program of ITFF is mature oriented and it is not suitable for kids! Please find the Program Schedule of Festival below. To know more about the films (Official Selection ITFF 2019) that will be screened at the Festival, click here.

Ticketing Information

Here you can download the Program Schedules:

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ITFF 2019

Date & Time: 14th & 15th September 2019, 2pm - 10pm

Location: SHOW DC, 6th Floor, Ultra Arena, 939 Rama 1 Road, Wangmai, Pathuman 10330 Bangkok, Thailand

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1 Day Pass means full access to all film screenings and all ITFF 2019 programs and activities on that day:

Watch Movies - Access to all film screenings, watch the best movies from around the world.

Panel Talks Session - Industry talks about film production related topics by experts.

Award Ceremony - Awarding and celebrating the best productions and artists.

Networking - Access to the Lounge-Hall area that provides a nice and inviting atmosphere to hangout, to relax or to network and build the number of your business connections by meeting with other film industry professionals.

Access the Market - Explore and directly interact with various companies (exhibitors) that display and offer various film production and distribution related services and products at the Lounge-Hall area.

Taste and enjoy a wide variety of delicious food & drinks at the Lounge-Hall area.

A chance to meet your favorite artists and an opportunity of having your photo taken together with them.


For visitors: Come and watch the best films from around the world, eat, drink, relax and have a great time!

For filmmakers and professionals: Get your business cards ready! Build your business connections at the event.

Message from the Organizers

The following requests have been made by the Organizers for a smooth and enjoyable event: 

  • Please respect the artists and others by arriving on time to the Event. If you are arriving late or returning late to a session after breaks, then please try not to disturb others and take your seat with less noise possible.

  • Dress properly for the occasion. No beachwear please. (No dress code for the Event, but please dress nice and clean.)

  • Please turn off or mute your mobile phone during sessions. (Phone can be used at breaks or at the Lounge-Hall area)

  • Do not video or audio record the Screenings (of any films or any productions at the Event) or the Panel Talks session by any means. Violating this request can lead you to be politely kicked out from the Event!

  • Photographs can be taken during the Panel Talks session, but no video or audio recordings please.

  • Photographs can be taken and also video and audio recordings are allowed and encouraged during the Award Ceremony! 

  • Please do not leave rubbish behind after leaving the Event.

  • Don't forget to relax, smile and have a good time!


We aim to provide a quality event that is colorful, inspirational, educational and fun! We are working hard to ensure that ITFF2019 will be a memorable and unique experience for all visitors, and all attendees can gain from it and grow personally and/or business wise. We hope you will have a great time at the event of ITFF2019! See you soon!

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To view the films that will be screened at ITFF2019 (Official Selection ITFF2019), click here. To get your ticket to ITFF2019, click here.