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Event: ITFF 2021

International Thai Film Festival (ITFF 2021) will be held this year in the form of a online virtual event due to the still ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. ITFF 2021 will take place online on the 17th-21st of September 2021. ITFF 2021 presents what the world of cinema can truly offer, showing a wide variety of inspirational and meaningful films from around the world. The event concludes with awarding the very best productions and artists in our industry (ITFF 2021 Film & Entertainment Industry Awards). With the colorful selection of quality films (Official Selection), the virtual film event of ITFF 2021 offers a very pleasant and memorable experience.

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17-21 September 2021
International Thai Film Festival 2021

International Thai Film Festival goes online for its 2021 edition due to the still ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. The online event of ITFF 2021 presents a colorful selection of quality film productions (Official Selection) from around the world. The ITFF 2021 online event is presented in 5 Sessions, each Session are FREE of charge. ITFF 2021 is showing short films, animations, music videos and feature films that are nominated for ITFF 2021 Film & Entertainment Industry Awards. Premiers on the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and on the 21st of September at 18:00 GMT+7 (Indochina Time), each day. The language of the event is English, all the films screened at the event are in English and/or have English subtitles. The program of this event is mature audience oriented and not suitable for children. The event of ITFF 2021 is FREE and available from the 17th of September until the 22nd of September 2021. To gain access to the event, please register your attendance on Eventbrite. Join us and watch inspiring and meaningful film productions, and find out who will win the ITFF Awards this year!

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The ITFF 2021 Online Film Event is FREE of charge (No admission fee, No charges, Zero cost)! To gain access to the ITFF 2021 Online Film Event, please register your attendance:

Access Event/ Register on Eventbrite:

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The detailed Program Schedule of the event will be published, soon.

Click here to view the list of award nominated productions (ITFF 2021 Official Selection).

Thai Film Awards Film Festival Bangkok Thailand
ITFF Film and Entertainment Industry Awards
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