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Event: ITFF 2024

International Thai Film Festival 2024 (ITFF 2024) will be held in September 2024, in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. [ITFF2024 event details will be announced, and will be displayed here soon.] ITFF showcases what the world of cinema can truly offer, screening exceptional film productions from around the world! ITFF2024 is an international film event not to be missed by local and foreign filmmakers, industry professionals and movie enthusiasts alike. ITFF brings together film, animation and entertainment industry professionals; celebrating and awarding the very best productions and artists in our industry (ITFF Film & Entertainment Industry Awards). ITFF Events present industry insiders (behind the scenes), knowledge, business opportunities and a very pleasant experience for all attendees.

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International Thai Film Festival 2024

Alongside screenings a wide variety of quality films, accomplished industry professionals share their knowledge and experience with the audience during the Panel Talks session. In addition to that, further recognizable artists and celebrities will be joining the event. The event of ITFF is an opportunity to watch the top productions from around the world, while connecting, networking and building your business connections internationally. The Festival concludes with the ITFF Award Ceremony; celebrating and awarding the very best productions and artists of our industry. The language of the event is English, all the films screened at the event are in English or have English subtitles. The program of ITFF is mature oriented and it is not suitable kids. The screening schedule of the films and the full program will be announced soon. 

Currently, ITFF2024 is still welcoming and accepting film submissions for festival consideration. Submit your production to ITFF via FilmFreeway ( or via FestHome (

Submit a film:

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Thai Film Awards Film Festival Bangkok Thailand
ITFF Film and Entertainment Industry Awards

For all the news and to keep up to date with ITFF, visit this site time-to-time and/or Follow our FB page at 

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